The AIRCRANE SYSTEM to Construct Wind Turbines. (3rd)

The wind energy sector currently has this main objective: decrease the Levelized Cost of produced Energy (LCoE). The strategies to decrease are mainly concentrated in two main actions groups: Reduce the cost of wind turbines and capture as much energy as possible. Regarding the second group, manufacturers are convinced the best way is to create more powerful turbines and install the nacelle and rotor at greater heights, where the wind blows harder and there is less turbulence.
The market requires taller towers, which have to support heavier loads on top as well. Combining both requirements the only alternative is to make at least the lower part with concrete. But concrete’s weak point is its weight, which requires the use of the largest crawler and mobile cranes. They are very expensive machines and there are a limited number of units worldwide. This encouraged to HWS Team to use his related expertise to resolve this problem, creating AIRCRANE SYSTEM.

Skyscrapers building technology marked a turning point in the construction sector: Due to the great heights of those buildings, the only way to build them is with cranes which rises in the manner the skyscraper does. Inspired by that idea, we developed this concept.

INTERNAL AIRCRANE (Self-Climbing Telescopic. Phase 1)

EXTERNAL AIRCRANE (Lifting. Phase 2)

This brand new technology is based on two new tools (cranes), that can virtually construct towers with infinite height: the INTERNAL crane is a “Self-Climbing Telescopic AIRCRANE” which rises as the construction of the tower does, like in skyscrapers. This system is completed by the EXTERNAL “Lifting AIRCRANE”, which will lift the nacelle and blades, having previously lowered the first crane.

The wind-turbine construction system conceived by HWS and Patented (no. WO2013171359, US20150167342)  can virtually construct towers with infinite height.

They are two main advantages:

  • Radically reduce current construction costs in the tallest concrete towers, and additionally,
  • To open a new market-niche, being able to construct towers with heights currently not possible, due to current mobile crane limitations.

The INTERNAL “Self-Climbing Telescopic AIRCRANE” has been recognized as a disruptive idea by the European Commission in the “Horizon-2020-SME Instrument-Phase 1” program.

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