28Sep 2020

The wind market is demanding higher wind turbines, and even though engineers are doing a great job optimizing current steel towers, we are about to reach the limit of this technology.  As an example, this video shows a slender wind turbine vibrating at its second bending mode excited probably by high wind velocities.  How much […]

20Ago 2020

HWS has developed the AirBASE RePOWERING, an innovative precast concrete structure for repowering purposes that allows to reuse the old foundations while making the most of the existing infrastructure in the wind farm.  This new product is based on HWS’ AirBASE technology: a new disruptive structural concept for wind turbine foundations, which is being successfully introduced in […]

29May 2020

We are happy to share how the AirCRANE is taking shape in Zizurkil (Guipuzkoa, SPAIN) and Lekunberri (Navarra, SPAIN). After a long journey, it has become a reality!  We cannot wait to see it completed by the end of this summer and ready to climb a 28 m high wall. Designed to be scalable and […]

09Abr 2020

The AirBASE, an innovative partially-precast foundation for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) was patented in December 2018. Since then, HWS has studied its feasibility in different scenarios, covering a wide power range of TURBINES (from 2.X MW to 5.X MW), SOIL properties as well as TOWER heights from 90 m to 165 m, made in both […]

27Mar 2020

After a long and eventful design phase, the first self-climbing AirCRANE System is finally being manufactured in the north of SPAIN, close to San Sebastián. Beginning the detailed design of the patented technology, a mechanical expert said: “now the devil is in the details”. By using smart & innovative solutions, HWS Concrete Towers has overcome all the […]

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