29May 2020

We are happy to share how the AirCRANE is taking shape in Zizurkil (Guipuzkoa, SPAIN) and Lekunberri (Navarra, SPAIN). After a long journey, it has become a reality!  We cannot wait to see it completed by the end of this summer and ready to climb a 28 m high wall. Designed to be scalable and […]

09Abr 2020

The AirBASE, an innovative partially-precast foundation for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) was patented in December 2018. Since then, HWS has studied its feasibility in different scenarios, covering a wide power range of TURBINES (from 2.X MW to 5.X MW), SOIL properties as well as TOWER heights from 90 m to 165 m, made in both […]

27Mar 2020

After a long and eventful design phase, the first self-climbing AirCRANE System is finally being manufactured in the north of SPAIN, close to San Sebastián. Beginning the detailed design of the patented technology, a mechanical expert said: “now the devil is in the details”. By using smart & innovative solutions, HWS Concrete Towers has overcome all the […]

05May 2019

In English March 2019, «IK4 – IKERLAN»  Web-page: August 2018, «Wind Energy Network», Issue 45, Pg. 67 (HWS & AIRCRANE): April 2018, «Government Europa», Quarterly 25, Pg. 132-133 (AIRCRANE):   In Spanish: May 8th, 2019, «Cluster de la Energía. Euskadi – Basque Country» (AIRBASE): April 2019, «Blog Kiko Maza» (AIRCRANE): February 2019, […]

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