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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

HWS launches the manufacturing of the first AirCRANE

After a long and eventful design phase, the first self-climbing AirCRANE System is finally being manufactured in the north of SPAIN, close to San Sebastián.

Beginning the detailed design of the patented technology, a mechanical expert said: “now the devil is in the details”. By using smart & innovative solutions, HWS Concrete Towers has overcome all the challenges this “devil” presented and developed a reliable and disruptive climbing system.

Designed to be scalable and configurable to install any wind turbine in the market, the AirCRANE system is a cost-effective alternative for concrete towers of unlimited height. Its versatility makes it useful not only for installation and maintenance of wind turbines, but also for construction of bridge piles, central cores of skyscrapers, chimneys and many other applications.

Any of its design parameters can be adapted to the operational requirements, e.g. the height of its steel lattice structure is defined by the distance between the anchorage points. In the case of the attached figures, each climbing step has been set to 7 meters height, leading to a minimum of 20 meters length climbing structure.

At present, HWS is confident to complete the manufacturing and testing of the first AirCRANE by summer 2020. This unit will demonstrate its capabilities close to its manufacturing site by climbing a precast-concrete girder in vertical position (see pictures), which simulates a wind tower.

Afterwards, HWS will display the AirCRANE at Wind Europe 2020 in Hamburg: (https://www.windenergyhamburg.com/en/?ref=WindEurope).

HWS would like to thank the European Commission and specially the project officer for its continuous support and flexibility throughout the project. (Horizon 2020-SM Instrument Phase 2, no. 802858, CORDIS link: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/804858)  

AirCrane and AirBase on Press

In English

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In Spanish:

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Primera operación del Club de Inversores creado por Bantec y Clave Mayor, Lidera Value invierte en HWS

March 1st, 2018, «Cluster de la Energía. Euskadi – Basque Country»:


March 21th, 2018: «Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián – Donostia (Spain)»:

Europa se fija en las Startups donostiarras

About BUOYANT CONCRETE II: «SHIPS. The GuTian, built in China in the 1970s». (HWS)

A derelict concrete ship called Gu Tian is seen at Mawei Economic Development Zone in Fuzhou, China. The ship has been stranded for more than 30 years. Built in the 1970s, it is the largest cement ship in the world with a displacement of 5,773 tons, measuring 105.2 m-long and 14.5m-wide 

From (1): «Pictures of the day: 21 November 2012», TELEGRAPH. 

Read more: (2) «The disappearing ship: Chinese liner made of CEMENT is demolished» (Dailymail.co.uk)

«HWS will be on the WindEurope 2019 annual Conference and Exhibition. Bilbao, April 2-4th» (HWS)

Come visit us on the WindEurpoe annual Conference and Exhibition


We will be on Hall 1, booth D 30, as part of the group of  «Cluster de la Energía – Basque Energy Cluster».

We will show our two innovative products: The self-climbing «AirCrane» and the precast foundation «AirBase».


Publicidad STAND Bilbao 2019_3



«HWS has been invited by EQUINOR in Oslo to show our work, thanks to the European Commission» (HWS)

On January 29, 2019,

HWS has been invited by EQUINOR in Oslo to show our work, thanks to the European Commission (EIC) as part of the grant program «Horizon-2020, SM Instrument Phase 3». 

Thanks to the #EUeic business acceleration services team is in Oslo with a fantastic group of entrepreneurs selected to showcase their innovations and discuss business opportunities and partnerships with Equinor. 📈

We were:

     23 inspiring SMEs

🇪🇺 12 European countries

💼 +60 corporate insiders

These companies are: Alerion, Cassantec, Powerstar, EnduroSat, EnergyNest, Enging – Make Solutions, EQS Global, FLOATMAST LTD, Helbio S.A., HWS CONCRETE TOWERS, Hydromea SA, HySiLabs, iDrop AS, @Insplorion AB, Kitemill, Morphosense, Nerve Smart Systems, Nova Innovation Ltd, Otechos Technology Group, SENSIA-SOLUTIONS, Soltigua and Win Inertia.

Even though the weather was rough we could appreciate that Oslo is a fantastic city. We hope next time will be in spring…


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«Annual ‘HWS Concrete Towers’ team meeting…..» (HWS)

January 11, 2019:

From Hondarribia-Fuenterrabia Yacht Club, Basque Country (SPAIN). [See www.hondarribiaturismo.com]

Picture of most of «HWS Concrete Towers» team, which includes employees and the most direct collaborators.
Each of them are highly specialized professionals and with high expertise in one of the required fields of knowledge    …the future of highly skilled R&D organizations.