The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Wind Turbine TOWER. (2nd)

One of the leaders in the turbine producers sector, asked in 2006 to S.R. (STRUCTURAL RESEARCH S.L.) to design a new tower, which would be part of a very ambitious new wind turbine: it has 120m hub height and 180m maximum height, 4.5MW rated-power, which means the tower must support around 250t weight on top, combined with the dynamic loads introduced by a 120m diameter rotor.

This is why it was necessary to design that tower with a concrete fraction, which was to be prestressed as well. In that case 80m are in concrete and 40m in steel. When we combine materials it is called a “hybrid” tower. The first unit started producing energy in 2009 near Zaragoza (Spain). The tensions and deformation behavior of the tower has been controlled with 200 sensors and instrumented measurement points.

At that time other full-concrete and hybrid towers existed in the market, and others have appeared lately. But the main thing that still differentiates us from other proposals in our Patented solution (no. WO2006111597, US7770343-B), property from "Structural Concrete and Steel S.L." (SCS) is its orthogonal cable-tendons net: there are several straight vertical units combined with other family of radial tendons. This allows us to make an unbeatable vertical joint between precast parts, able to support any loads and deal with any durability issues, including resisting in the rough and corrosive marine environment.


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