The AIRBASE Precast Foundation for wind turbines, for tower made by steel or concrete. (4th)

HWS CONCRETE TOWERS S.L. (HWS) has Developed and Patented a new PRECAST FOUNDATION for the WIND ENERGY SECTOR, as well as the associated construction methodology.

To this day, all existing foundations are based on the same “structural concept”: a single circular or polygonal plate, whose thickness increases the closer it is to the base tower, to which it is fixed.

The AirBase consists of four isolated supports built in-situ connected to two precast girders placed in a cross-shape. The first precast girder, originally post-tensioned, is supported on two isolated footings. The second girder is divided in two halves and connected to the first one reaching the required structural stiffness.

With this innovation the foundation can be divided in two parts: (1) one soil dependent and built “on-site” (four supports), and (2) the other one, wind turbine dependent and pre-cast (two girders), and consequently industrialized.


This is the best strategy to REDUCE COST and construction TIME, while offering high QUALITY CONTROL.

More than half of the foundation could be pre-cast and  as a result industrialized.


The estimated savings could reach up to 35%, a percentage that will mainly depend on the soil properties.


The advantages of the AirBase solution are significant in countries and wind farms with bad weather conditions, when working outdoors is limited to only some months of the year, where the quality or  regularity of the concrete is variable, when reducing construction times is critical, when the depth of the four supports is different, where there is a lack of human resources, and so on.


HWS feria Bilbao_Pared AirBase_L

HWS AirBase_Postension Viga


AirBase: An OPPORTUNITY for Any Type of TOWER  and  Any Type of SOIL.

        An essential foundation ALTERNATIVE for your PORTFOLIO.


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