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Renewable Energy is going to play an essential part in a successful future for our planet.

     -The greenhouse effect from CO2 emissions is finally a worldwide concern, as seen at the Paris climate change summit in 2015. Contamination in several world areas is highly alarming.
     -Since 2014 new petrol sources and techniques are appearing, like fracking. Prices are decreasing considerably but environmental side-effects are growing.
     -Furthermore, fossil fuels are per-se a limited resource. This introduces speculative forces which are creating tension and social disputes worldwide. Poverty and differences between countries and other social groups are growing.

The best way to maximize the usage of renewable energies is to reach a LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) comparable to the rest of energy sources.

Wind-energy is currently the most efficient and widespread renewable energy, and seems it will continue to be so in the next decade. Currently with turbines located inland (“onshore”), and in the mid term located at sea or “offshore”.

These turbines become more efficient as unitary power, weight and rotor height increase, which requires taller and high resistance towers which could be made cost-efficiently in Precast/Prestressed Concrete. This material is introducing new opportunities in the sector.

HWS has decades of experience designing with Precast/Prestressed Concrete. As a consequence it has the knowledge and expertise to introduce disruptive innovations in this area.


To reduce wind-energy LCoE produced onshore or off-shore, drawing on decades of knowledge and expertise in design and construction of structures in Precast/Prestressed Concrete, including related Machinery.

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