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“AirBASE, a disruptive new solution for ONSHORE Wind Turbine FOUNDATIONS.”

The AirBASE, an innovative partially-precast foundation for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) was patented in December 2018. Since then, HWS has studied its feasibility in different scenarios, covering a wide power range of TURBINES (from 2.X MW to 5.X MW), SOIL properties as well as TOWER heights from 90 m to 165 m, made in both STEEL and CONCRETE.

The AirBASE disrupts current STRUCTURAL FOUNDATION CONCEPTS by transferring the loads to the soil through four separated supports. These footings are connected through a pin-hole to two (or four) precast girders placed in a cross shape, PREVENTING the transfer of MOMENTS to the SOIL.

Among its advantages are the INDUSTRIALIZATION and STANDARDIZATION, which REDUCES THE RISK of projects by enhancing the quality control process and reducing construction time as well as on-site resources.

Focusing on COST-EFFECTIVENESS by balancing required materials with labour cost, HWS has developed several versions of the technology, each targeted to different markets, countries, wind farms, sites, etc. Some of these solutions include massive or ribbed foundations, with rectangular or inverted T girder cross-sections.

The performed feasibility and cost analysis prove the competitiveness of the AirBASE in all studied scenarios. While in gravity foundations the concrete volume increases exponentially with the size of the turbine, it rises only linearly using the AirBASE technology. Consequently, up to 35% of concrete volume can be saved.

The cost reduction of the AirBASE increases with the nominal power of the turbine, reaching up to 30%.

The AirBASE is expected to become the leading foundation design for the new generation of 5.X MW turbines at hub heights larger than 150 m, by avoiding casting high concrete volumes (700 – 1.000 m3) onsite.

This way, HWS facilitates the current trend in the wind industry, which is moving towards larger and more cost-effective turbines.