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The Precast Concrete Wind Turbine TOWER

The origin of this concept dates back to 2006, when Mr Montaner designed and patented (no. WO2006111597, US7770343-B) the first 120 m high hybrid tower for one of the biggest wind turbines in the market, the GAMESA G10- 4.5 MW with 120 m rotor diameter. The tower was firstly installed in 2008 in Jaulín (Zaragoza), SPAIN, and since then 8 more units have been assembled in Spain. The tower was fully monitored with over 200 instrumented measurement points.


During the construction of this first hybrid tower, Mr Montaner foresaw the challenge that wind energy will have to face: the construction of taller towers (> 140 m) where traditional steel tower technologies and installation means could not reach. Based on the expertise gained through decades in precast concrete, HWS presents the solution to this problem: the AirTOWER

The AirTOWER is a super-tall precast concrete tower that enables reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly installation of new generation onshore wind turbines (>5 MW) at heights above 140 m.


Combining it with the self-climbing AirCRANE, the system becomes unbeatable and reaches theoretical infinite heights.


Achieves greater heights, increasing generated energy per tower

Local Content: reduces logistics

Material volume reduction

Less Maintenance & Double lifespan

65 % less CO2 EMISSIONS during tower construction

Traditional Steel Tower
1,400 t CO2
Traditional Hybrid Tower
850 t CO2
600 t CO2

*Study performed for construction of 5.x MW HH165 m wind turbine tower.

Precast foundation
for wind turbines

System to construct
wind turbines

Precast/Prestressed concrete
wind turbine tower

Precast foundation
for wind turbines