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HWS CONCRETE TOWERS receives an award as a highly “Innovative SME” company, by BANTEC (HWS)

On Tuesday 22th November 2016, HWS CONCRETE TOWERS was recognized as a “highly innovative” company. It was on the SMART-Up convention, held in San Sebastián (Euskadi, Spain).

Actually HWS has has previously been granted funding by:

  • European Commission, in the HORIZON 2020-SME program, phase 1.
  • Spanish “Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad”, in the CDTI center (www.cdti.es), in the NEOTEC-2015 program.
  • “Diputación Fora de Gipuzkoa” (www.gipuzkoa.eus) in the “Txekintek” Program.
  • “Eusko Jaurlaritza” (Basque Country Government, www.euskadi.eus), in the SPRI department (www.spri.eus), in the “Ekintzaile” Program.

The award was given by BANTEC (www.bantec.es), a reputed specialist advisor on innovation grants and support, with one of the most successful ratios in the H2020 programs.

Thank you very much.

More information: http://bantec.es/blog/?p=2139




Concrete is currently used to build floating homes.
Taking into account these structures do not require continuous motion, concrete becomes the best material to make this floating hull/basement, regarding cost-effectiveness, quality, durability and low maintenance.

See some examples in these links:





“The SIEMENS new concrete precast/prestressed wind turbine tower for the USA: A ‘precast on-site’ concept which supports a 2.4MW turbine at 115.5 m rotor-axis height” (HWS)

Last week we were in New Orleans (LA) in the AWEA 2016 exhibition, where SIEMENS ENERGY INC. introduced a new tower, designed for a 2.4MW turbine and 107m (350 ft.) rotor, which means around 140T (127t) static load on top of the tower.
This CONCRETE tower reaches a height of 114m (374 ft.), which is a NEW RECORD in the US!

3 years ago in the US other OEM, ACCIONA WIND POWER, constructed a 100m high concrete precast/prestressed tower for a 3MW turbine.

It is a remarkable industrial product with various innovations, one of which is to introduce a new concept of concrete tower: It is “precasted on-site”, which means it is very near to the final position. This concept aims to remove the transportation of precast parts, which is expensive due to the heavy loads and large pieces.

Undoubtedly using higher towers is a current trend which aims to reduce the LCoE, and concrete helps make higher and more powerful turbines.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXN1UAv1anQ

LinkedIN 16-06Jun-1_SIEMENS Tower_Fotor


“159m HEIGHT ROTOR AXIS. The new ENERCON hybrid tower to EP4 turbine-platform: A new record!” (HWS)

Last week we were in Hannover Messe (The prestigious German Industrial Fair), in which ENERCON presented the new platform EP4.

It is a remarkable industrial product with various innovations, which aim to reduce the LCoE without renouncing their best quality standards, which is well known as common in this brand.
Part of those characteristics is to use an improved hybrid tower, which must reach 155m HEIGHT, POSITIONING THE ROTOR AXIS AT 159m HEIGH: It is a NEW RECORD!

Undoubtedly using the highest towers possible in conjunction with larger blades and “Multi-MW” generators is a current trend.