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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

“HWS Engineers Team” helps to calculate an exceptional wind turbine transportation. (HWS)

During the last months of 2016 an HITACHI offshore wind turbine prototype has been transported from JAPAN to CENER-Sangüesa facility (www.cener.com), located in Navarra, SPAIN. It is one of the biggest worldwide facilities able to test the largest wind energy related parts, especially gearboxes, generators and blades.
It arrived in SPAIN via “Pasajes Port”, beside San Sebastian, on October 25th. Then it needed to be transported by truck along 170Km.
The convoy was more than exceptional: 95 m long, 6.54 m wide, 5.32 m high and weighting 515 t.

A special detailed transport plan was drawn up to avoid geometrical complications and a structural examination of several bridges was carried out. The maximum speed was 15 Km/h.

The Department of Transportation requested the assistance of a structural engineering team in which HWS CONCRETE TOWERS and S.R. took part: several of the bridges analyzed were actually designed by our engineers several decades ago.

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