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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

“HWS introduces two new AirTOWER innovative concepts, for WTG” (HWS)


With this we are authors of up to 4 versions and innovative concepts:

v1 GAMESA G10 (2.005): HWS developed in 2.005 its first hybrid tower hired by GAMESA, for then innovative G10’ turbine: 120 m Huh Height (HH), divided in a 80 m of concrete and 40 m of steel.
v2: A simplification of the above is todays’ most commonly used structural-scheme for an hybrid tower, which can reach 140 m HH in full-concrete or 165 m HH in its hybrid version.

Currently HWS continues to work on innovative concepts, introducing recently two new versions:

v3 “aitstar” by IngZero (www.ingzero.com): Looking for the most cost-effective hybrid tower, with a reasonable height of 110 to 130 m HH. It includes simplifying and lowering the cost not only of the parts manufacturing, but also of simpler transport and easier assembly and construction in the field.
v4 “SuperTALL”: Focused on to reach the maximum height —220 m HH or more…— with a full-concrete or hybrid tower. In addition to new structural concepts it requires a special crane, which has also been developed by HWS: the AirCRANE (https://lnkd.in/dhkgFntN).