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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

“HWS was invited by VATTENFALL to Amsterdam Headquarters, thanks to the EU EIC event”

May 24th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mariano Abadia and Erik van der Woude presenting the work of HWS Concrete Towers (www.hwstowers.com) to VATTENFALL (https://lnkd.in/dCEYGiHK), at the event organized by the EU-EIC (https://lnkd.in/d5Z382N6).



• One week ago we had the opportunity to introduce the products that the HWS’ team has been developing in the world of precast/prestressed concrete structures for over ∼45 years.
• Specifically the bridges made of MODULAR parts joined by the simple and efficient AirJOINT/BSST (∑ Parts + Joints = “LEGO concept”), solutions in which we see high applicability to future offshore wind energy installations.
• It was a pleasure to show this work to a very interested and highly qualified team.

More information and examples about this type of innovative (but not recent) bridge solutions:
(1994) https://lnkd.in/dzH29cAv
(2011) https://lnkd.in/dy8b2DYN
(2012) https://lnkd.in/d-8SAzDU
(2014) https://lnkd.in/dr-M_zDz
(2011) https://lnkd.in/dvFf-HaQ