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Wind Energy power is essential to fighting climate change, yet building the turbines is energy-intensive: It could take between 3 to 11 months to generate the amount of energy that was needed for their construction.

Through HWS’ innovative ideas, wind farm construction could become eco-friendlier, reducing CO2 emissions by 30 to 65%.

Achieves greater heights, increasing generated energy per tower

Local Content: reduces logistics

Material volume reduction

Less Maintenance & Double lifespan

65 % less CO2 EMISSIONS during tower construction

Traditional Steel Tower
1,400 t CO2
Traditional Hybrid Tower
850 t CO2
600 t CO2

*Study performed for construction of 5.x MW HH165 m wind turbine tower.

Seventh of the transportation required

Civil work reduction: -75% of crane pads & narrow access roads

80% less material (steel) required during crane manufacturing

Electric powered

35% less CO2 EMISSIONS during Installation of Wind Turbines

AirCRANE enables to build bigger turbines at greater heights, pushing forward onshore wind turbine installation technology and helping to decarbonize our planet.

Performed carbon footprint study shows that over 95% of CO2 emissions in construction of wind foundations come from the required materials (concrete & steel). Hence, achieved percentage of material saving reduction will be directly related and similar to the obtained C02 emissions cut.

Up to 45% of material savings

Up to 80% less excavation

Double lifespan

Easy to deconstruct

30 % less CO2 EMISSIONS during Construction of Wind Foundations

Cast-in-place concrete foundation
286 t CO2
200 t CO2

*Study performed for 5.x MW HH150 m wind turbine.

+50% material savings

Reuses existing infrastructure

Avoids demolition of old foundation

Avoids use of new soil

40 % less CO2 EMISSIONS in RePOWERING Projects during Construction of New Foundations

New Cast-in-place concrete foundation
300 t CO2
180 t CO2
AirBASE system advantages + Avoids demolition & Reuses existing infrastructure

*Study performed for 5.x MW HH150 m new wind turbine, replacing a 2MW old one.

Precast foundation
for wind turbines

System to construct
wind turbines

Precast/Prestressed concrete
wind turbine tower

Precast foundation
for wind turbines