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HWS | San Sebastian · SPAIN

“The HWS Self-Climbing AirCRANE is taking shape” (HWS)

We are happy to share how the AirCRANE is taking shape in Zizurkil (Guipuzkoa, SPAIN) and Lekunberri (Navarra, SPAIN).

After a long journey, it has become a reality!

Main Jib. Designed to be scalable and configurable to install any wind turbine in the market, the AirCRANE system is a cost-effective alternative for concrete towers of unlimited height. Its versatility makes it useful not only for installation and maintenance of wind turbines, but also for construction of bridge piles, central cores of skyscrapers, chimneys and many other applications.

We cannot wait to see it completed by the end of this summer and ready to climb a 28 m high wall.

Any of its design parameters can be adapted to the operational requirements, e.g. the height of its steel lattice structure is defined by the distance between the anchorage points. In the case of the attached figures, each climbing step has been set to 7 meters height, leading to a minimum of 20 meters length climbing structure.

At present, HWS is confident to complete the manufacturing and testing of the first AirCRANE by summer 2020. This unit will demonstrate its capabilities close to its manufacturing site by climbing a precast-concrete girder in vertical position (see attached pictures), which simulates a wind tower.

Afterwards, HWS will display the AirCRANE at Wind Europe 2020 in Hamburg



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